Campers must be aged 14 - 19.
Please remember that camper registration forms will be available as of June 1st and the deadline for registration this year is July 15, 2017.


  • The requested fee is  $300.00. This is for families/campers who can afford to pay the fee. The fee can still be waived - see forms for details.
  • There is only one (1) pick up and drop off location: Polo Park. Please make note of the times indicated on the forms.
  • Please read the forms carefully. All of the information asked for is necessary for ensuring campers are safe and that everyone has an amazing time! Any missing information will delay the process and risk your spot NOT being reserved. If you have any questions, contact Craig at the front desk (204-474-0212, ext. 201). Once your forms are complete and a spot has been reserved, you will receive an email confirmation.
  • If dietary information or medication needs change after the forms are submitted, you must contact us within one week of camp starting so reasonable accommodations can be made. This includes ensuring campers have the right food to eat and so the Camp Nurse has the correct medical information.



Applicants must be age 20 - 34. Cabin Leaders act as cabin counselors and as peer supports for campers. This position is best suited to people with counseling, camp, outdoor activities and LGBT2SQ+ community experience. Campers who have aged out are encouraged to apply.

Please remember that the deadline for applications this year is July 1st, 2017.

For more information please contact us.